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Hanoi Street

Experiencing Hanoi by president itinerary in 2 days

Two days isn’t a lot of time to encounter multi-layered Hanoi so that’s where deft travel planning comes in. These handpicked activities below didn’t just round out the president summit itinerary but provide great photo opps.

Morning stroll in the Temple of Literature

Temple Of Literature
Temple of Literature.

There are few visitors who don’t come away suitably impressed by Hanoi’s ancient Temple of Literature, or Van Mieu.You can tour the compound’s photogenic gardens, courtyards, and worship houses, some of which date back to 1070 and honour Chu Van An, a self-made scholar who contributed heavily to Vietnam’s educational system.

Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison

Just few minutes away from Hoan Kiem Lake, Hoa Lo Prison, also known as “Maison Centrale”, is a historical site in the French Quarter of Hanoi. Loosely translated as “hell’s hole”, it was originally built by French colonist in 1896 to house and torture revolutionary Vietnam rebels. Hoa Lo became one of the largest and the most brutal prison complexes in Indochina.

Let’s discover Hanoi by taking a “Sacred Night” tour of historic Hoa Lo prison. The 90-minute journey with light and sound effects takes visitors on a rollercoaster ride of emotions: horror, admiration …

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda “The Pagoda of National Defence” is the oldest Buddhist temple built in 541-548, one of top sightseeing attractions in beautiful Hanoi for those who are fascinated by history, local legend and the Buddhist faith.

The highlight of the precinct is the 15m tall tower called Bao Thap (Precious Stupa), which was built with 11 floors. Each floor consists of 6 domed doorways where the Amitabha Buddha statues are placed. On the top of the tower is a precious nine-layers stone lotus. Tran Quoc Pagoda is compared to a small museum of ancient worship statues and priceless antiques.

With a long-standing history, impressive architecture, and remarkable cultural values, Daily Mail newspaper listed Tran Quoc Pagoda among one of the 16 most beautiful pagodas in the world.

Cyclo ride in the Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter
Take a cycle ride Old Quarter’s 36 craft streets to fully enjoy Hanoi.

No visit to Hanoi – not even one between world leaders – is complete without a look inside the capital’s amazing Old Quarter. Why not take an eye-opening cyclo ride through the 36 craft streets to witness Vietnamese industry on the ground level like President Trump? As a bonus, the leisurely pace means you could enjoy Hanoi fully and safely.

Explore Hanoi’s coffee culture

Hanoi’s famous egg coffee.

Fast-paced on the surface, the true rhythm of Hanoi life is far from hurried and is reflected well in its leisurely coffee hours. Alongside traditional coffee houses, an ever-growing band of unique cafes serve new brews in cool caffeine dens.

Local meal on the sidewalk restaurant

Barack Obama And Anthony Bourdain In Hanoi
Former president Obama and Chef Anthony Bourdain enjoyed “bun cha” and Vietnamese beer in Hanoi 2016.

What is Hanoi, if not a fabulous foodie destination? Barack Obama acknowledged this with his historic visit to a bun cha eatery with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Sitting on your plastic stool, sharing a bowl of delicious noodles with the local residents around you will surely make you feel like a local.

Shopping for family

Vietnam Souvenir

Even the leader of a nation is wise to return home bearing gifts. Vietnam’s long tradition of quality products finds a modern expression at some Hanoi’s shops. By our guide, you can pick up stunning things found only in Vietnam.

Source: vietnam.travel