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Anam Cam Ranh Nha Trang

Nha Trang: Vietnam’s sun-kissed city

Looking for the classic “sun, sea and sand” vacation? Consider Nha Trang. Out of all the places in Vietnam, it gets the most sunshine – over 300 days per year. It also has the shortest rainy season. So it’s perfect for a beachy break. Put Nha Trang on your list and you will never regret.

Nha Trang in glance

Nha Trang Beach
Nha Trang beach is one of the most beautiful beach of the world.

Nha Trang, a seaside town on the Central Coast of Vietnam, is about 450 km north of Saigon and 1200 km south of Hanoi. In the past, the French recognized Nha Trang as a perfect place for bathing, so they invested in the transformation to turn Nha Trang into a resort town.

Nowaday Nha Trang has consistently maintained its position as one of the most beautiful bays of the world.  As viewed from high above, the bay looks like the aquamarine stone sparkling in the sunshine, bounded by miles of smoothly golden sands.

Endless beaches

Anam Cam Ranh Nha Trang
Nha Trang beach bordered by pristine sand and rustling palms. Source: The Anam Cam Ranh.

Sun-kissed relaxation is an everyday thing in the bustling coastal town of Nha Trang. The town’s main beach is a seven-kilometre stretch of pristine sand and clear water, bordered by rustling palms, colourful beachside bars and seafood restaurants.

Tran Phu Beach is packed daily with holidaymakers, soaking up the rays less sun loungers. All along the beach, watersports are a key part of the fun, para-sailing to kite surfing, paddle boarding to jet skiing.

Ninh Van Bay
Shallow turquoise waters in Ninh Bay Bay.

For an escape from the action, go to Ninh Van Bay just out of town. Here you’ll find shallow turquoise waters and local restaurants serving just-caught seafood. For a day trip, drive 60km north of the city to Doc Let, one of the most picturesque stretches of coastline in all of Vietnam. 

Fascinating cultural sites

The Po Nagar Cham Towers is a culture must-see in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang keeps culture lovers busy with several noteworthy attractions. Built in the 8th century by the Cham people, the Po Nagar Cham Towers is a must-see. Its impressive architecture blends many different religious influences, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.

Long Son Pagoda
The famous white-Buddha statue at Long Son Pagoda. Source: vnexpress.net

In town, Nha Trang Cathedral is a display of ornate French-style stained glass windows and imposing columns. At the Long Song Pagoda, a towering Buddha statue that watches over the city on a hilltop. And a little out of town, but well worth the trip is the serene Buddhist Meditation Institute. Enveloped by multi-layered gardens covered in flowers and plants, the institute overlooks a beautiful vista of paddies and mountains.

Island adventures

Diep Son Island
Diep Son Island and its “the path to heaven”.

The bay the city is in is dotted with 19 islands and islets, making it ideal for an island-hopping holiday. Once you’ve enjoyed the many activities the city and its beaches offer, head out to one (or more) of the adjacent islands.

Snorkelling In Nha Trang
Many tourists explore Nha Trang’s marine life by snorkelling.

They are all yours to discover in this beautiful land with long stretches of golden and fine sand. You may be surprised at how fascinating and unspoiled the islands in Nha Trang are. The marine life around Nha Trang is among the country’s most bio-diverse − great for diving and snorkelling.

Each island here is an unique world, which would satisfy any tourist of any requirement. According to experienced visitors, going to Nha Trang but not visiting its nearby islands would definitely be a miss.

Seafood feasts

Sea Food Nha Trang
Fresh seafood is the highlight of a typical meal in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is called the seafood capital of Vietnam for a reason. Teeming with marine life, the waters off the coast supply the fresh fish and shellfish that are the highlight of many a meal in Nha Trang. Between streetside eateries, restaurants, and upmarket hotels, there’s no chance of going hungry in Nha Trang. For more in-depth explorations of the city’s dining options, eat with the locals or splurge on five-star buffets at the hotels along the strip.

Mineral-rich mud baths

Tourists enjoy mineral-rich mud bath in Nha Trang.

You can’t really come to Nha Trang and not spend a day at the mud baths. Nha Trang’s mineral-rich clay used is said to have therapeutic and skin healing benefits, including increased circulation and moisturisation. After being submerged in oozing, sticky mud, spring for a shower in cool waterfalls. Then, finish off with a refreshing dip in the hot mineral pools. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, book a coffee massage or a chocolate body wrap. 

Five-star luxury

Anam Cam Ranh Nha Trang
The Anam Cam Ranh, a famous 5-star resort in Nha Trang.

In Vietnam, Nha Trang is the top land offering the wealth of enticing accommodation which stretches from the center of the city to the islands. Yet, ultra-luxe resorts and serene getaways are the great choices due to its excellent experience. There you can rest your head in perfect comfort, or contemplate the beautiful sea right from the bed in your room. 

Vibrant nightlife

Nha Trang By Night
Nha Trang by night.

If there’s anything Nha Trang knows how to do, it’s throw a party. Nha Trang’s world-class beach parties are famous across Vietnam, and you can expect to party with a mix of locals, expats and tourists. After sunset, international DJs and live acts take centrestage. There are plenty of beach-side bars and rooftop clubs for you to venture into and not leave until the sun comes up the next day. Popular venues include The Nha Trang Sailing Club, Altitude Bar, and Louisiane Brewhouse, Nha Trang Booze Cruise Bar & Grill and Crazy Kim’s.

To party local style, just hit up one of the local Bia Hoi joints. You will find many of these scattered down popular streets, and they will most likely entail a tiny venue with lots of plastic stool seating outside. They are really hard to miss.

Source: vietnam.travel