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Sao Beach

Phu Quoc: Enjoy the paradise pearl island of Vietnam

Phu Quoc is perhaps most famous for its endless coastline of white sand beaches, but the diversity of experiences possible on the island that makes it an ideal vacation destination. 

Nature lovers have their pick of national parks and UNESCO-protected eco-tourism activities, adventure seekers can get their kicks with a dozen different water sports, and the twenty-one other wild islands of the Phu Quoc Archipelage are just a boat ride away, waiting to be explored.

Beautiful beaches

Phu Quoc

With 150 kilometers of coastline, you can spend every day in Phu Quoc on a different beach. Head east for postcard-pretty Bai Sao to try your hand at water sports like windsurfing or jet skiing. Head west for the cafes, clubs, and sunsets of Long Beach. To the north, there’s silent Ganh Dau, given privacy by a jungle-covered mountain ridge. The best southern beaches are scattered across the 22-island archipelago and can be reached by boat.

Crystal water

Phu Quoc

The beaches are beautiful on their own, but the ocean around Phu Quoc Island has its own appeal. The water here is calm as bathwater and clear as green glass. Many of the islands in the archipelago are ringed by a dense and thriving system of coral reefs, both soft and rigid hard varieties. The pristine, transparent water is as good as a window into that aquatic world of vibrant color, making Phu Quoc one of the best places in Vietnam to try water sports and underwater activities like snorkeling and diving.

Island hopping

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is really one large island (the largest in Vietnam actually). As if there wasn’t enough to do on Phu Quoc Island itself, there are 21 other islands in the Phu Quoc archipelago, each with its personality and unique ecosystem. Because many of them are entirely uninhabited, these islands are some of the places to find nature.

History and culture

Coconut Tree Prison Phu Quoc

The long and dynamic history of Phu Quoc Island can be learned through monuments like Coconut Tree Prison, whose preservation of war memories gives context to the present.

For foodies

Phu Quoc Fish Sauce

Tourist can miss out Phu Quoc’s the traditional fish-sauce  production. Let’s tour a factory to learn about the production of this internationally-cherished treasure, taste-testing different kinds like a sommelier of pressed anchovies.

Phu Quoc Night Market

Besides fish sauce, Phu Quoc Island is world-famous for seafood. Visit bustling Phu Quoc Night Market to try out as many seafood dishes as you can, many of which are regional specialty recipes, exclusive to Phu Quoc Island.

Adventure and activities

Parasailing Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc Islands is Vietnam’s top destination for water sports, so adventure-seekers should head straight to the beach to pick from a range of water sports like parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or jet skiing.

If “low-key nature” is more your vibe, kayaking is still-exciting alternative to all the adrenaline. For exercise that feels like pure relaxation, swing the day away at a golf course.

Local life

Phu Quoc

Spend some time immersed in the fishing and agriculture industries, the true mainstays of the island. Visit a fishing village like Ham Ninh, where fishers pull in fresh fish at dawn and dusk, and docked ships unload produce and supplies from mainland Vietnam onto the docks.

In case you want to experience life in a fishing community instead of simply observing it, then climb aboard a squid fishing boat with a guide and see if you can catch yourself some dinner.

Nature lovers

Phu Quoc National Park

More than half of Phu Quoc Island is protected as a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Trek through Phu Quoc National Park to immerse yourself in nature on land, or hop on a boat to experience the UNESCO marine reserve.